Friday, 15 June 2018

Lists of Books

This page provides lists of best Books (English) written by Allama Sahib;

  1. A key to Wisdom
  2. A Thousand Wisdoms
  3. An Encyclopedia of Ta'wīl
  4. An Introduction to 'Allāmah Nasīr al-Dīn Nasīr Hunzai's The Recognition of Qā'im
  5. Ascent of Soul
  6. Balance of Realities
  7. Book of Healing
  8. Caskets of Pearls Volume 1
  9. Caskets of pearls Volume 2
  10. Chain of The Light of Imāmat
  11. Coolness of The Eye
  12. Diagrams of Wisdom
  13. Divine Remembrance
  14. Du'ā Essence of 'Ibādat and Wisdom of Naming and The Names of Ahl Al-Bayt
  15. Eight Questions  and Answers
  16. English Books
  17. Flowers of Paradise
  18. Forty Questions and Answers
  19. Forty wisdoms of Gratitude
  20. Forty Wisdoms of Jihād
  21. Fruit of Paradise
  22. Gems of Ma'rifat Islam
  23. Hundred Questions and Answers
  24. Hundred Questions Answered
  25. Ishraq. Salient aspects of  the doctrine of the  Qā'im according to Nāsir-i Khusraw 
  26. Jamā'at Khānah
  27. Jang Special Interview
  28. Luminous Lamp
  29. Manifestations of Wisdom
  30. Pearls of Ma'rifat Part I
  31. Pearls of Ma'rifat Part II
  32. Pīr Nāsir-i Khusraw and Spirituality
  33. Pīr Pandiyāt-i Jawānmardī
  34. Practical Sūfism and Spiritual Science
  35. Precious Treasures
  36. Proof of Imāmat
  37. Prophetic Traditions
  38. Psalms of Lovers
  39. Pure Intellect
  40. Recognition of Imām (Part 1, 2 3)
  41. Rubies and Pearls
  42. Sixty Questions and Answers for Children
  43. Spiritual Secrets
  44. Spring of Knowledge
  45. Studies in Spiritualism and Dreams
  46. Sublime Realities
  47. Sweet Smelling
  48. The Holy Ahl -i Bayt in the
  49. The Holy Qur'ān and The Light of Imāmat
  50. The Holy Qur'ān In The Ism-i 'Azam
  51. The Position of 'Aql In the Prose and Poetry of Nāsir Khusraw
  52. The Qur'ān and Spirituality
  53. The Religion of my Ancestors
  54. The Wise Qur'ān and The World of Humanity Volume I
  55. The Wise Qur'ān and The World of Humanity Volume II
  56. True Vision
  57. Walāyat Nāmah
  58. What is Soul?
  59. Wisdom Search 2013 Qur'ānī Ta'wīl Index
  60. Wonders and Marvels  of Spiritual science
  61. Yā 'Alī Madad

Verses from Diwan-i Nasiri (Burushaski)

The fire of hazir imam’s love is kindled in my heart, Hazir Imam is the ointment for my wound, My heart medicine.   Saying of All...